About Us

Welcome to the BezKoder blog.

We are passionate engineers in software development, especially web, mobile & cross-platform application. We do love sharing knowledge by writing blogs & tutorials everyday.

In the field of computer science, BezKoder.com is built for specific goal: programming languages & technique for web/mobile/cross-platform application development. At this site, we’re gonna write many tutorials about Javascript, Java, Spring, Dart/Flutter, Kotlin/Java Android along with Angular, React and Vue. We see this work as a way to broaden knowledge and help people.

How to contact us?
There are 2 ways to send a message to us:

5 thoughts to “About Us”

  1. Thanks so much for your guys great work! Your tutorials are easy for me to understand and get my hand on web development! Hope you can write more!

  2. You Guys are doing a great job.
    Your codes are so lucid to understand and I haven’t come across any errors so far( As I copied the code from GitHub) heee …. heeee..
    Everything is very good and nicely managed and explained. Moreover, your resource and links are also alive and working up to the mark.
    Keep It Up, Guys!!!
    You guys saved us in this period of pandemic and unemployment.
    Please keep writing such blogs.

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