4 thoughts to “Angular 12 + Node.js: Login and Registration example with JWT”

  1. Thank you for the node.js and angular blog because that was very help full for me and in your post you also put the diagram that part was very great and keep sharing more posts like this.

  2. Great thanks for these excellent tutorials! Having succeeded with the combo: Express/PostgreSQL together with your Angular12 frontend on a local machine, I find myself struggling with CORS exceptions with a domain on a Debian/Nginx server. Exceptions such as ‘Cannot connect to wss://[myexample][dot]com/ws; due to …policy’. If one was using [https] ://myexample[dot]com, would you have any suggestions or a solution with regard to these exception?

  3. Thank you so much for this Angular and Node tutorial. It was very helpful for me!

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