24 thoughts to “React + Node.js Express: User Authentication with JWT example”

    1. Hi, you can find source code for back-end and front-end in the embedded tutorials (Conclusion section).

      1. Hello – your node, express, jwt, mongo, and react tutorials work great. However, when I push the app to Heroku, I get a network error when I try to login or create an account. Any suggestions?

      2. I personally find this article to be perfect. The system architecture overview is an excellent presentation for this.

      3. It would be really helpful if you could provide the source code.. In the conclusion section of article, all i see is the links to other articles.

        1. Hi, because each tutorials has a different explanation and code from others, for example: React vs React Redux. So I think that user should read the article before getting the source code.

  1. It Works very well.

    the react part is very clear and well detailed. i ll change it to use react Hooks. but i learn something new Today in the backend part,”SEQUELIZE”.
    in my projects , i often use knex+objection , but today , i learn how to use Sequelize.

    Great Tutorial!!!
    THANK YOU so Much.

    1. Hi, you can look at the way we implement the process:
      user.routes => user.controller => user.model.

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  3. Still reading, but based on how comprehensive the tutorial is, with all the different options… I must say thank you!

    1. Hi, it is because we have several React front-ends that all work with all Nodejs back-ends.
      People can choose appropriate code they need basing on the tutorials.

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