BezKoder Course: Build a Real world e-commerce application with NodeJS, ExpressJS, React and MySQL

Hello everyone,

From starting, we always think about how to create more value for our readers. We started small by writing practical/on-the-go tutorials so our readers can get their project running in just a few minutes.

The more posts we wrote, the more we heard about the problem of combining different technologies to build a complete application. We thought hard on this and decided to build something more comprehensive to help our readers.

So today, we are delighted to announce our brand new course:

Build a real world e-commerce application with NodeJS, ExpressJS, React & MySQL

What you’ll learn from this course

Analyze business requirements
Architect the structure of the system
Build a server with NodeJS and MySQL
Design the database schema
Authentication with JWT
CRUD operations, Paging, Filtering, Sorting and file upload
Build a storefront page with React and Tailwind
Yes, Redux included
Production build and deployment
and more…

Design and implement everything from scratch

This is our philosophy for this course. We code from scratch and explain everything in detail, no copy-paste.

Who is this course for

Fresher and junior software engineers

Ideally, you already have some knowledge about technology such as web-server, database, and you want to know how to craft these ones into a usable product.

Early registration and Price

We want to make our 1st course accessible to everyone, so the first 5 lessons are free, plus full support from our team for you. Then, you can decide to purchase the course after that.

Currently, the price for early registers is $15 (originally $70 with 80% off) including all content and all updates to the course in the future.

Refund 100% if you still feel the course is not for you

Because this is the first course and we want to ensure the quality, we can only accept 30 seats for the early registration.

The registration was closed! The course runs out of seats.
Thank you all for your interest!

We will open new course after several months.

Do reach out to us if you have any questions.

Happy coding 🙌
BezKoder team.

54 thoughts to “BezKoder Course: Build a Real world e-commerce application with NodeJS, ExpressJS, React and MySQL”

  1. Will this course be available again? I am a junior software engineer and your content has really helped me lot. Thank you for making this content available

  2. is there any possibility to purchase the course with its original price (70$) and thanks

  3. Hi Bezkoder, please i need an advanced React course with features like 3 way sorting A-Z, Price, Category, pagination (not react-paginate), filter with checkboxes i.e Category, Price range etc. Please i really need this stuff.

  4. I am interested in taking the course, I live in Brazil and I was in love with the way you teach. I await the opening of the registration period.

  5. Hi Bezkoder,

    Can you please start this course again?

    If not, can you please share the videos? I am willing to pay the fees.

    1. Hi, we’re trying our best to finish all videos before reopening the course. I will make an article to notify the event.
      Thank you for your interest. :)

  6. I would like to join the course too. unfortunately, the enrollment is closed already. Could I know when the course is reopened again ?

    1. Hi, we’re trying our best to finish all videos before reopening the course. I will make an article to notify you of the event.
      Thank you for your interest. :)

  7. When courses are starting? Can’t wait. I saw the article modified July 25 2021.

    1. Hi, we’re trying our best to finish all videos before reopening the course. I will make an article to notify you of the event.
      Thank you for your interest. :)

  8. I would like to join the course too. unfortunately, the enrollment is closed already. Could I know when the course is reopened again ?

    1. Hi, thank you for your interest. Currently we cannot specify the time when the course is reopened again because it depends on many conditions and we always want to bring you ‘as good as possible’ course.

  9. I want to enroll in the current course. Is there any way for registration?

  10. Is there any chance to get into the current course? If no, when the next course will take place, and how to save a seat?

    1. Hi, we will open new course in several months. At that time, an article will be published and you only need to register with a form :)

        1. Hi, I will take your email and send you the invitation when the course opens again :)

  11. Hi Bezkoder team I registered for the course but didn’t find course content since that slack invitation is expired when I tried can you please help me out on this.

  12. Hi BezKoder Team. I duly received the Slack invite on April 11 but did not click on the link early enough and now it is expired. (Preoccupied with work & sick family member). Can you please send me a new invite? Thanks in advance. I am eager to start the course. (Tried emailing a couple times unsuccessfully).

  13. Can I access the course? :( Please, I just waiting and then few days later no more seats :(

    1. Hi, did you register the course? If yes, please tell me the email. I will check the list and manually send you way to access.

  14. Hello Bezkoder,
    Have registered for your course, when will you commence? Have also not received feedback from you.

    1. Hi Gibson, I’ve just resent the email manually. Please check it :)

      Maybe our mail system has an issue.

  15. Hi Bezkoder
    Hope you are doing great!
    I also registered for course and waiting for it but didn’t recieved any mail or notification. I checked my spam also can you please check on your end.

  16. Hi, I checked double my inbox and spam but there is no any email which come to your. Can you check again

  17. Hi BezKoder,

    I’ve checked my mails, but I have not received your mail. Could you please check at your end. Thanks

    1. Hi Prashant,

      We’ve sent the email :)
      Please check your inbox and Spam also.

      Thanks and Best Regards,
      BezKoder Team.

      1. Hi BezKoder,

        I got your mail, thanks for accepting my application.

        I’m following your articles and these are very helpful for me. You are doing really good work. Thank you so much!!!


  18. Hi bezkoder, course will start tomorrow but ı havent received any email yet Can you inform me

    1. Hi, we’ve sent you an email with title: BezKoder Courses: Confirmation and Instruction
      In this email, we show the course timeline, how the course will be delivered, and other administrative information.

      Please check your inbox (including Spam). I’ve just resent the mail :)

  19. Hello Sir,
    Please, why did you choose Mysql over MongoDb in this course? Because, all this while, I have performed several searches on Google about the choice of Mysql and MongoDb database for E-commerce Applications, but, all the available comparisons leave the choice to the reader to decide. I know this may be a challenge for other beginners like me, so please, I will be glad if you can give some brief reasons for the choice of database chosen for the course.

    1. Hi, there are couple of reasons why we picked MySQL in this course:
      – MySQL is considered popular itself, but if we count other SQL-like database such as Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL. They occupied a huge part of the market right now.
      – Having experiences with Mysql, it would be easy for you to use the other SQL-family database as they have similar use cases.
      – MongoDB is popular itself and there are more courses cover nodejs vs MongoDB already, hence we decided to bring another option to the table.

  20. Interesting article! I learned React for the web first, then transitioned to React Native. That transition from React to React Native wasn’t as daunting as I had anticipated. The real challenges were the concepts of web vs. mobile that I found difficult, specifically things like styling, routing/navigating, setup, design, etc. That is to say, the way you design/build a website is very different from a mobile site. The technology itself was not the big barrier.

    So, if you think you might want to do a bit of mobile development one day, React is a great place to start.

    Thanks for sharing, Cheers!

  21. Hi Dear can u do tutorial nuxtjs with laravel jwt authentication
    thanks so much

  22. Hello Sir, I have registered to the course, but, unfortunately I have not received any notification or whatsover confirming my registration. May I know if it’s normal, and also my registration is successful. Thank you!

    1. Hi, we will send you the email that indicates the group discussion, place for videos and source code soon.

      Currently we are collecting user registration data :)

    1. Hi, the course would start tentatively on April 20. Each week we’ll release the lessons for 1 section.

      1. I tried to contact you by email but you didn’t answer, what is your right address?

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