16 thoughts to “React Redux: Token Authentication example with JWT & Axios”

  1. Hi i am getting error please help me

    connectAdvanced.js:261 Uncaught Error: Could not find “store” in the context of “Connect(App)”. Either wrap the root component in a , or pass a custom React context provider to and the corresponding React context consumer to Connect(App) in connect options.

  2. I think this is one of the most important tutorial for me. And I’m glad reading your other tutorials. Good job, cheers

  3. Dear bezkoder, thank you for impressive work, here and throughout the whole blog.
    Question(to you and/or readers): Does this applicstion follow the MVC pattern as i understand?
    It is still an SPA right?
    (always having touble to trully understand the architecture/design pattern..! guess i need to get to get back to basics!) .
    Gratefull for any help here…! Thanx. Keep it up!

  4. Hi, i’m using this but with typescript, and things ‘s kinda complicated to me as a beginner. I try to do simple login, but in Login component, i use useDispacth and dispatch(Login(email,password)).then . but typescipt say property “then” does not exist on type ‘(dispatch: any) => Promise’. Can you help me

  5. Hello, Thanks for the article, that is great work. Could you, please chat me in private for a discussion? Very important

  6. Excellent guide and it works like a charm! The only thing that I changed to my liking is the async-await syntax wrapped in try/catch in instead of that callback chain in action creators.

    I will be going back to this tutorial whenever a similar flow is needed in any of my apps.

    Thank you @bezkoder

    1. Hi, you can add an input field to the signup form, then send it in the HTTP request body with role / roles array.

  7. Man you are those people with god level explanation, I was struggling with implementation in React at the auth states, i love you.

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