5 thoughts to “Spring Boot Login example: Rest API with MySQL and JWT”

  1. Hey! Thank you for your great tutorials 🙂
    I stumbled upon an error and I can’t seem to figure out why.
    When I run the application, and use postman to sign in, the console in STS says:
    “Invalid JWT): JWT String argument cannot be null or empty.”
    At the same time, it seems to be working on postman.

    Any ideas why? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Adding onto this, it doesn’t seem to give an exception like the one above whenever i signout, and sign back in with a different postman tab – I realize this means there is nothing wrong with my code, and I’ve been making my calls to the APIs wrong.
      Sorry for the inconvenience haha

  2. Great tutorial! Was wondering if you could delve a little deeper into getting a working front-end for this.
    I don’t know how to modify from localStorage to Cookies.

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