Angular 12 + Node.js Express + PostgreSQL example: CRUD App

In this tutorial, I will show you how to build a full-stack (Angular 12 + Node.js + Express + PostgreSQL) example with a CRUD Application. The back-end server uses Node.js + Express for REST APIs, front-end side is an Angular App with HTTPClient.

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Run both projects in one place:
How to Integrate Angular with Node.js Restful Services

Serverless with Firebase:
Angular Firebase CRUD Realtime DB | AngularFireDatabase
Angular Firestore CRUD example | AngularFireStore

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JWT Refresh Token implementation in Node.js example

We’ve known how to build Token based Authentication & Authorization with Node.js, Express and JWT. This tutorial will continue to implement JWT Refresh Token in the Node.js Application. You can know how to expire the JWT, then renew the Access Token with Refresh Token.

Using MongoDB instead:
JWT Refresh Token implementation in Node.js and MongoDB

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Deploying/Hosting Node.js app on Heroku with MySQL database
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The code in this post bases on previous article that you need to read first:
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Node.js JWT Authentication & Authorization with PostgreSQL example

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