Spring Boot + GraphQL + MySQL example with Spring JPA & graphql-spring-boot-starter

GraphQL is a query language that offers an alternative model to developing APIs (REST, SOAP or gRPC) with detailed description.

In this tutorial, we’re gonna build a Spring Boot GraphQL example that will expose CRUD APIs to create, read, update and delete objects in MySQL database with the help of graphql-spring-boot-starter and Spring Data JPA.

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How to integrate Vue.js with Spring Boot

In this tutorial, I will show you step by step to integrate Vue.js with Spring Boot so that Spring Boot project can serve Vue App. You will also know how to configure Vue SPA Routing to avoid Whitelabel Error Page.

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Spring Boot + React + PostgreSQL example: Build a CRUD App

In this tutorial, we will learn how to build a full stack Spring Boot + React.js + PostgreSQL example with a CRUD App. The back-end server uses Spring Boot with Spring Web MVC for REST APIs and Spring Data JPA for interacting with PostgreSQL database. Front-end side is made with React, React Router, Axios & Bootstrap.

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Run both projects in one place:
How to integrate React.js with Spring Boot

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