Spring Boot + SQL Server: CRUD Operations example

In this tutorial, we’re gonna build a Spring Boot CRUD Operations example with Maven that use Spring Data JPA to interact with Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL). You’ll know:

  • Way to use SQL Server maven dependency in Spring Boot
  • How to configure Spring Data, JPA, Hibernate to work with Database
  • How to define Data Models and Repository interfaces
  • Way to create Spring Rest Controller to process HTTP requests
  • Way to use Spring Data JPA to interact with MSSQL Database

Exception Handling:
Spring Boot @ControllerAdvice & @ExceptionHandler example
@RestControllerAdvice example in Spring Boot

Testing: Spring Boot Unit Test for JPA Repositiory with @DataJpaTest

Using other databases:
Spring JPA + H2
Spring JPA + PostgreSQL
Spring JPA + MySQL
Spring Data + MongoDB

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